Juman Energy Group and Jana Marine Services announce Strategic partnership alliance for Middle East Energy

Juman Energy Group and Jana Marine Services are pleased to announce that they have signed an MOU to enter into a strategic partnership for Saudi Arabia, combining Juman Energy Groups Electric & Instrumentation services with Jana Marine Services’ world-class contractor’s expertise.

Juman Energy Group and Jana Marine Services signed the MOU for their strategic alliances in Saudi Arabia at ADIPEC. The MOU reinforces the joint partnership and cooperation between the two companies in the onshore and offshore sectors, covering collaborative project execution and bringing new technologies to the country. The alliance amplifies the companies’ strategic growth plans by partnering with Jana Marine Services to facilitate routes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) energy market.

Jürgen Joman, Managing Director of Juman Energy Group, comments, “we are delighted to work with Jana Marine Services as our strategic partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for our Electrical and Instrumentation EPC projects. Thanks to Jana Marine Services’ presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Juman Energy Group can establish closer ties with its clients in this region and offer a combined portfolio that ultimately enhances our offerings and that we serve them most effectively in-country. Working in partnership with Jana Marine Services will further strengthen our service capabilities in this region.

The scope of the company infrastructure covers products and services that facilitate design and engineering, procurement, construction and installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and upgrades, and turnkey projects. From single-precision instruments to complex integrated industrial solutions, Juman Energy Group delivers the most technologically advanced engineering in the world to the Oil & Gas industry and the energy, water, and wastewater sectors. Services include project design and management, from turnkey solutions to annual maintenance contracts.