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As a leading provider of services to the region’s energy sector, Gulf Commercial Group is fully committed to sustainability on all fronts and applies its progressive vision to all facets of its operations. We fully recognize that in order to realize a better more sustainable future tomorrow, we must lay the foundations today, and continue down the path to cleaner, more efficient sources of energy.

Our sustainability approach is based on four priority areas where our influence and impact are greatest, ensuring our local actions support the global ambitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement to address global warming.

Sustainable design
Sustainable construction
Community legacy
Workforce Safety

Our environmental sustainability targets

Use local municipality approved waste management companies - Collaboration with TADWEER approved Environment Service Providers for the effective waste management.
Reuse project waste where possible and applicable - Reduction in the impact of resource extraction on the environment by re using of project wastes wherever possible.
Segregate waste and dispose as per local regulations.
Aligned with UAE’s 2050 Net Zero approach

Our net zero approach

Avoid unnecessary energy or material use.
Reduce emissions by using low emission Sustainable friendly equipment.
Replace high emission materials with low emission Sustainable friendly materials.
Replace high emission energy with renewable alternatives.
Deploy and use clean energy solutions.

Our circular economy approach

Avoid activities that generate unnecessary waste to reduce the environmental footprint.
Replace raw materials with recycled alternatives wherever possible.
Reuse & Recover construction and demolition waste- Adhere to 5R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Residual management) in managing waste sustainability.
Recycle waste and materials.
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